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About David


As an active, athletic, and not-so-limber human, I was hooked on therapeutic massage after my first professional session.  The benefits were immediately clear; tension relief, increased flexibility, muscular strength restored, and it felt great.

Therapeutic massage became a regular part of my health and wellness plan from that point forward. It smoothed the kinks from athletics and play, and was essential in reducing job-related stress and tension. (ah, the desk job; endless hours at the computer).

Ten-plus years after that first massage, I was deeply immersed in my post-college career as the senior risk assessment scientist for an environmental consulting firm. While some aspects of the job were rewarding, "Crisis de jour" was the norm (and the internal office slogan). 

Recognizing the need to offset work-related stress and tension, I attended a workshop focusing on health and wellness through therapeutic body work. As the workshop progressed, I discovered everything being taught came naturally - it all just made sense.